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It all started with a seemingly ordinary conversation among a group of friends sampling some home brew. The “eureka” moment came when, between refills, one of the group proclaimed, “Hey, you know what would be cool…”

That phrase formed the inspiration behind digital beveragessm , ultimately creating a remarkable — and simple — new way to enjoy our favorite drinks.

And, at the same time, doing some good for Mother Earth.

Introducing MyFountain, the revolutionary — and ecologically friendly — digitally controlled beverage machine.


It means now you can enjoy one-touch (think ATM) dispensing of seltzers, juices, soft drinks, beer, liquor and mixers, and even high-end wines. Self-sanitizing with automatic cleaning, the MyFountaindispenser takes up the space of a coffeemaker above the counter and maybe the space of a dishwasher below.

Communicating through the Internet, it monitors itself, checks its remaining contents of liquid refreshment and sends alerts when it's time to order. To offer speed and convenience, it can even be set to have refills automatically delivered when the pre-determined level is reached.

The green aspect is astonishing MyFountain entirely eliminates the need for bottles, cans, deposits, and recycling. It’s simple physics. Beverages are made of five parts water and one part concentrate. That means five-sixths of every packaged beverage is something we all have in our homes already — water coming from the faucet (water that becomes ultra-purified by MyFountainwhile creating your beverage choice, all with no harmful by-products or waste products).

Using the water we already have available to us means we can eliminate transporting all the weight and bulk of the water in packaged beverages — as well as all the gas consumption and carbon emissions it creates. We can eliminate all the cans and bottles that may not be recycled. It is not the complete solution to saving the planet, but it is something everyone can do to help save the planet.

Personalized beverage choices. Not only does digital beveragessm offer commercially available beverages, but you can pour pre-mixed and create-your-own beverages with our flavor-pallette. Pomegranate juice in your seltzer? Coconut essence in your cola? The choices are limitless and entirely yours with our proprietary juice and flavor essence enhancements.

Whatever your beverage preference, MyFountain delivers — and it’s incredibly simple to operate and maintain.


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